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We believe in an intentionally intimate, considerate, and personal approach to design. Whether considering a new build or the renovation of an existing home, our work celebrates architecture, character, and craft to compose spaces that balance form with function, and honor our clients’ identity, history, and aspirations. 


Although Lori's career did not begin in interior design, it came as no surprise to those who know her best that this is where she landed. Lori asked for antiques for her fourth birthday (the chair she received has a place of honor in her studio to this day), and by eight she spent her days sketching floor plans on graph paper and creating imaginary rooms from odds and ends found in the family garage.

Despite all this, Lori initially put art and design aside and made her way from her childhood home in Northern California to Washington, DC. and her first job as a press aide in the White House. After a decade working in politics, learning to thrive in an environment where details and results meant everything, Lori found her way back to her roots, enrolling in design school and transforming her childhood play into a new career. Determination coupled with good fortune and timing, led Lori to a position with her design hero, where she spent five years honing her craft and learning how to manage complicated projects.

Anderson Wier Studio marks the latest chapter of Lori's story and is the realization of her dream of building an intentionally focused practice. With a commitment to service, trust, and collaboration, every project Lori takes on is driven by passion and and informed by her distinctive point of view.



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